Floyd Sr. Says Marquez Is 'Too Old' To Conquer Manny Pacquiao

It seems that every time Floyd Mayweather Jr. resurfaces in the media, it's to belittle or bash Manny Pacquiao. Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. appeared on an ESPN radio show go over his latest gambling exploits and Manny Pacquiao. On Monday, Fight Sports Examiner confirmed a great ESPN representative the following comments from Floyd Mayweather Jr. to ESPN Chicago.

Boxing Legends Marvin Hagler And Holyfield Side With Manny Pacquiao Over Floyd


Since Manny Pacquiao has carved a name in every field that matters in his home country, that is sports, politics and show business, will we brace ourselves for an impending a retirement plan? Now that he's spread his reach in most aspects of public life in his home country, is that enough for individuals to say he has in fact, prepared his activity after retirement.

Both Rios and Pacquiao were handy in Macau to promote their clash, which will probably be called 'The Clash in Cotai.' Pacquiao agreed the new assessment from the legendary great quality.

"Sparring definitely very well", he told. "This is hard sparring - That i spar with my others. Now I'm sparring guys that I am not used to working by way of. This is full force and very intense. I'm definitely feeling strong and confident. I'm in belly shape of my career".

Pacquiao in this writers opinion does require steroids. I've no evidence my hunch, but I am have any reason to suspect that he's been taking all. I have been at most of his training camps over the years, and i have not witnessed anything who is going to lead me to do think he's taking anything.

Just as with any boxing match pitting two great fighters, earth will be split on who contains clear advantage on this match. Pacquiao was less dominant within his most recent fights, and Bradley could easily a pointer or two from his fellow orthodox Juan Miguel Marquez on how to prevent Pacquiao's punches from Manny Pacquiao ending up.

De La Hoya and Schafer publicly apologized to Manny a few weeks ago and were dropped belonging to the suit. Perhaps a formal apology from Floyd could have ended this entire legal matter but instead he responds by creating a t-shirt saying "Take the Test" and had a little pac-man character on the following.

As for your Pacquiao fight, I'm in agreement with various boxing fans and critics who taking inerest in this particular encounter. Manny continues to combat and remain relevant while Floyd Junior. just runs his mouth, gambles, and commits criminal shows. Floyd has nobody to blame other than himself for ruining his or her own career an disenfranchising himself from the Americans that he's begging to fall behind him.

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